High Cotton Bath Co. opened in October 2011. We teach guests how to create their own scent then customize bath, body & beauty products to your special fragrance.  Shower or bath, male or female, perfect for all ages, pets and home! We have a product for you.  We offer 40 base products and over 200 fragrances – the possibilities are endless!

Have a group that needs a unique activity?  Birthday, Girl’s Day Out, Bachelorette, Bride’s Maid Brunch?  Call the shop to book your Signature Experience today!

High Cotton Bath Co. also offers a vast selection of lounge wear, linens, towels, candles and robes.  We can provide in-house monogramming and vinyl services for individual request and corporate as well.

We look forward to helping you!




Fragrances – Botanical & Men’s


Botanical & Men’s


Aloe Vera
Bamboo & Green Tea
Calming (ESS)
Citronella (ESS)
Egyptian Sandalwood
Eucalyptus (ESS)

Frankincense (CSS)
Green Tea
Patchouli (ESS)


Sweet Clover
Tea Tree (ESS)
Teak & Sandalwood
Thieves (ESS, TYPE)



Polo Sport M (Type)
Dolce & Gabbana M (Type)
Bay Rum (Type)
Issey Miyake M (Type)
Woodsage & Seasalt M (JM Type)

Blackberry Bay M (JM Type)
Very Sexy Men
Cedarwood M (Type)
Aqua De Gio M (Type)
Coldwater M (Type)

Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar
Forrest Pine
Tommy M (Type)
Masculine Musk
Light Blue M (Type)